Do you provide a complete school management system which can be customized according to our school process?

Yes. We can customise EducaSwift Software as per your requirements


Do you provide online software (Web based) or offline software?

We provide hybrid based ERP software which is combination of both online and offline software. However, you have option to purchase only online or only offline software too.


We have two schools in a single campus one is Primary School and another is Secondary/Higher Secondary.  Can we manage both of these schools using EducaSwift Software?

Yes.  You can use our software to manage both school in a single campus. We have customers with the same scenario.


Unsatisfied with Existing software , but do not want to re-enter the data.

We will help you importing data from your existing software. Basic software implementation and configurations can be completed with in one business day.


We are a small school with 200 -300 students. Also we don’t have a very high budget to purchase a costly solution.

We do have different types of sales options based  on the requirement of schools. Please Contact our sales team for more details.


Do you have a Trail option to evaluate the software before purchase. ?

Yes we provide paid online subscription of software for 2 months. This period can be used for evaluation as well as implementation and configuration of the software.


We need some extra function, can you program this?

We get many requests for new functions and it would not be impossible to add all of them to EducaSwift. EducaSwift has many functions and we take much care that new functions fit well into the system and do not conflict with existing or possible future functionalities. Before suggesting new functions it would be good to have a thorough look at the current functionalities. Many times specific requirements can be solved using existing functions. We tried to make EducaSwift as flexible as possible and by changing the configuration there are more possibilities than persons assume.
If you want a new function you can put a suggestion on the forum and we will look at it. Over the last years we have implemented many feature requests that were suggested on the forum. But we have our own deadlines and cannot fulfil all requests. We do not
do any commercial programming so if you really need a function that is not planned than the only solution would be to program the function yourself. If the function is a useful addition or improvement we will consider to add it to the main release.


How do you support us ?

We provide training when your school buys our School Software product. We can also provide user manual.
For 1 year we give free support, you can call us or email us if you have any queries. If you need any help while working in our software then our customer support engineer will remotely connect to your server and guide you through the process.


What are the hardware requirements of School Software EducaSwift ?

If you purchase offline or hybrid version then following configuration is required:

Minimum 1GB RAM
Minimum 2GB free disk space
Windows XP / above Operating System
Note: The above mentioned configuration is only for the server system. All the client machines in the organization can be any PC with Windows XP operating system.


What about Support and Warranty terms and conditions ?

Software Application is covered by our warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of completion of installation. Support through online and the organization must have internet facility.


What about Software License ?

This software is licensed for both single and multiple system (based on its version) with multiple users in a single campus. To install this software on another branch of your School, you need to purchase additional licenses.


How does Swift Technologies support our School after warranty period?

After warranty period we accept AMC at 20% of total cost of the software. This AMC fee includes online support charges.
During warranty / AMC periods, we also provide your School the benefits of upgrades in software (if any) free of cost (for the same module). AMC or Service does not include any customizations in the software. You need to give us the requirements and based on the effort estimates we will give you the quote for the customization, if both the parties agree then the customization will be done in the software. During AMC period if you find any defects or problems in the software such issues will be resolved without any additional costs.


Do you also provide EducaSwift Software on Rental Basis

Yes we can also provide software on rental based option, you can pay us only rental and maintenance charge annually at 40% of total cost payable at monthly/quarterly/annually as per your convenience instead of paying one time full payment. Minimum agreement 3 years required for rental basis.  Renewal will be dependent on the then current market price or the mutual understanding between the client and Swift Technologies but charge not exceeding 30%.
It is suitable for those who seek the system to be implemented in their school with a vision for latest technologies to be installed and at the same time not compromising with the quality of the services. Because there are so many institutions/schools where software was installed once but now it is not in functionalities due to change in technologies, rules or due to lapse in services.


How does Swift Technologies ensures confidentiality of our data ?

We do not share the details of the Schools internal processes and information with any one. All the information that you share with us will be kept confidential under any circumstances. We do not use or disclose information about your individual visits or information that you may give us such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to any outside companies.
As part of our agreement we will sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Our School may need additional features in the future, what we should do ?

Our EducaSwift software is modular, meaning any new features and enhancements can be added as and when the customer needs it. For any of the new features that will be added in the EducaSwift software in future you can get the estimate of the price before you buy our EducaSwift Software license, for you to have an understanding of over all price of the product for your organization’s need.
Otherwise, you can buy the product now with the features that you need and at a later point when we come up with new features we contact all our existing customers and we communicate about the new features and enhancements. We give attractive discount for our existing customers on new features.

We want website for our School, does Swift Technologies provides web hosting and web design services?

Yes. With Swift Technologies content management system you can manage, update, edit your School’s website on your own. we design the website and host it for you.


What are the payment terms and conditions ?

50% with purchase order 25% after installation and Implementation and 25% after training

We still have many unanswered question, what we should do?

Contact us through email, phone we will answer your queries or we can visit your School to clarify all your queries.